This Snowy Owl was found by fishermen, resting on a chunk of ice near the mouth of Ship Creek in Anchorage, during a blizzard (no idea why the fishermen were out in a blizzard).  After a few phone calls, and some creative arrangements, she was rescued.  No one wanted to drive from Anchorage to Houston in a blizzard, so several volunteers were called on to ferry her to the Alaska WildBird Rehabilitation Center.  The fishermen picked up the tired, hungry and weak bird from the ice, one volunteer drove her to Eagle River for a pass off to another to take her to Wasilla and then a third volunteer for the final leg to the center.  Following three months of rehabilitation to get her strength and weight up, she was tested for hunting ability with live prey.  After showing she could still hunt, she was released on the Palmer Hayflats, in an area with little snow and good open hunting terrain.  This first year bird was likely driven from her birth territory as winter set in and prey became scarce, and found herself grounded in the storm.  Her release in the late winter gave her a summer to hone up her hunting and survive for many more years.




First Days at the Center Ready To Go She's Off !!
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