Sandy is a female Sandhill Crane.  She came to the Alaska WildBird Rehabilitation Center in 2010 as a young bird.  While a colt (as a young crane is called) she was apparently fed by hand by people, which caused her to become imprinted.  An imprinted bird has learned to regard humans as her 'flock', instead of her own species.  When an attempt was made to release her into a flock of wild Sandhill Cranes, she did not fly off with them, but instead went up to nearby houses and begged for food as she had been doing when rescued.  Sandy is an unusual education bird; there are few Sandhill Cranes in captivity with the right temperament to be brought out into public wearing a harness.


Please be aware when requesting your live bird program that Sandy is not available for presentations from May through September.  She undergoes a heavy molt during that time, and should not be harnessed due to the risk of damaging new feathers.  In addition, in 2016 she began to lay eggs, a stressful process for any bird.  Sandy appreciates your understanding.