Adopt-A-Bird Program

Symbolically adopt one of our education ambassador birds to help provide operational costs including bird food, housing and medical supplies. 

All donations are tax deductible.


Receive regular newsletters, and a story with photo of your chosen bird. 

Donors at the Hawk level will also receive a beautiful porcelain ornament with a photo of your chosen hawk, and at the Owl level a gift of 4 coasters with photos of our education owls.  At the Eagle level we will provide 2 tickets to our next annual autumn fundraiser. 

Click here to access the adopt-a-bird application.

  Ornament featuring Rhett the Eastern Red-tailed Hawk

 Coasters with Gus the Great Gray Owl,

     Kachina the Short-eared Owl,

        and Skuya the Great Horned Owl


     ornament    coasters