Alaska WildBird Rehabilitation Center

Privacy Policy
The AWBRC will never sell, donate or otherwise convey any data collected from our contacts with you to any other entity.
Information provided on bird program requests may be saved for future contacts by the AWBRC.
If you provide your E-mail address you will be included on our master list for notification of upcoming events. E-mail addresses will be hidden in all correspondence. Mailing addresses and phone numbers will only be used by us if needed to contact you, or to provide receipts for donations.
If collected in hard copy form, credit card or PayPal account data is kept only until the payment clears, then is destroyed.
At times you may receive notices originating from other organizations with which we are associated; such notices will be sent by us on their behalf. These messages are closely screened and only forwarded if we deem them of possible interest to our contacts.
Address any concerns about the use of your personal information by us or your desire to be removed from our mailing list to:     (Please use our contact page form to request information or removal from our mailing list. Thank you.)